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Monday 17 June 2024
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There are many online casino games offering sites like mega888. Fruit vs candy is one among the exciting gameplays in online casino games with several features that will make you hook to the game.

Game outline:

Fruit vs candy game contains five reels and three rows and offers 243 ways to win the game. Fruit vs candy game has a vibrant background which is purple or green colour. The background colour will change according to the mode you have chosen. The reels are present in the foreground and the command bar is behind the reels. The game is created with different modes to bring thrill and entertain the players. The visuals, graphics and audio in the game are best done. You have to spin the reels of the slot that gives you big returns. Fruit vs candy can be played by anyone whether they played it previously or not.

Game play :

Fruit vs candy has two modes, candy mode and fruit mode. When you are into candy mode you have different kinds of jellies, candies and many more. When you select fruit mode you have apples, oranges, grapes and kiwis. You can select any of the mode that does not matter on your gameplay. There is same pay-out for the both candy and fruit modes.

If you match 5 of these symbols will give you the maximum score that gives highest pay-out of 375 coins. If matching of 3 of these symbols occurs, you will be given minimal score and pay-out of 15 coins. The other icons in the game you can see are A, K, Q, 9, 10. These symbols will give you lowest pay-out which will vary according to the symbol came on the reel and the number of consecutive time it has appeared on the reel. If you match 5 of these symbols will give you the maximum pay-out of 90 coins and if 3 of them are matched you will be given minimum pay-out of 3 coins. You have to select a preferred bet before we win the prize. You can select this by using +/_ buttons on the slot.

Bonus : Fruit vs candy game is incorporated with many bonus features that will make you to play the game with fun. There are many free spins given to the player depending on the mode you select. There is a scatter symbol in the slot which is a highest paying among the symbols in the game. Scatter symbols will also give you free spins that may be fruit free spins or candy fee spins that depends on the mode you select. Sugar rush bonus is also present but can occur at any time in game. All other bonus gives you cash prize and scatter symbols gives you free spins.

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