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Friday 21 June 2024
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Do you know what arcade games are?

This might be a new word for all who are born after 2000. Even though you find the arcade games at few places, they are with the new versions which are totally different from the older ones. There are few situs judi slot online gambling sites which provide newer version of arcade games in their sites. An arcade games are the machine games which are found at malls, restaurants etc. Do you know why these games are called as arcade games? This term comes from the architectural period where the constructions were built with adjoining arches which were supported by pillar. These constructions were used as a shelter for people on foot. Near this shelter there used to be retail shops and shopping arcades.  At this time the shop owners thought of increasing their business by making little space for video games in their shops. These games were used as a time pass for the people who came through that way or came for shopping. Soon the arcade games became so popular that all the business people started creating space for the arcade games including restaurants, parks etc. And later there was time where they built separate stores for the arcade games.

It is also known as golden era for these games in the time period between 70’s and 80’s century. Arcade games are the coin games where the people used to buy coins from the store and put them in the machine and once the coin is inserted the machine used to start and kids enjoyed the games. Arcade games starts with a very simple level and as you start moving to different levels the game becomes tougher. Arcade games started losing the recognition by the entrance of the computer games. But still the kids of that era will never forget the arcade games. Few famous arcade games are space invaders, Pac-man, shooting games etc. One of the shooting games which were very popular was duck hunt, where kids were given a shooting gun made up of plastic and they need to shoot the ducks found on the screen.

By years passed the technology improved and the arcade games moved to a newer version which was motion controlled games. Know along with the screen there was a motorbike in front of the screen. The kids used to sit on the bike and operate the handle and play the on screen game. This was a wonderful scene to see as the kids used to feel as if they are driving the bike.

Next move was including competitive games into the arcade games like fighting games, which was liked by all and soon the number of different fighting games were increased. To name few king of fighters, street fighter, killer game, shadow fight etc. But now in our era these games have turned to competitive games more than fun games. People try to play these games more because the competitive spirit has increased in the current era where people play to defeat the competitor but not to enjoy or have fun.

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