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Friday 21 June 2024
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Want to know the advanced features of pokdeng card game

If you are a gambler and tired of playing many usual gambling games, then just check out to the pokdeng card game, it is a new gambling game which is originated in Thailand and widely played all over the world. However, people have a keen interest to play in a new gambling game it is wise to check out about its gameplay, rules, and strategies before initiating your gameplay in the game. Sounds right, so here you can get detailed information about the ป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์ game and its wonders continue further.

This pokdeng game is one of the popular card games which are played with 52 card decks one dealer and team players of 6 nos or more than that. When it is said card games the gaming style is similar to other casino card games with some slight variation in the gaming rules. The game is two hands play where the dealer dealt the cards initially and make their bet followed by the players and compare the cards with other players. However, the dealer is chosen either by

  • Bidding system – Where everyone would start bit to the banker it might take 1 to 10 rounds, the player who bitted highest amount to the banker takes the role of dealer.
  • Random selection – If everyone skipped for biting then the banker or automated system in online do randomly choose a player and make them as a dealer for the game.

 Likewise, the dealer is selected once the dealer made his/her bet based on that other players do place their bet in the game.

Play pokdeng card game

How to play Pokdeng online game?

By now you might be clear about the game and how the dealer is selected and what ways are used? But it is not sufficient to proceed with the game that too when you are about to play with real money. So, make sure to know how to play the game? Need to know how just follow below four steps to play the pokdeng game.

The player places a bet on the dealer and if it confirms it to play, once it is done the cards get shuffled and each player is given with two cards. When the value of card is 8 & 9 that is 17 then the player wins the game, if not player can draw a card from the deck and look for the value. If you hold a card value less than 4 or 4 & 7 then you should think whether to draw a card or not. But to make the game more effective you should not draw the card more than once with that possibility you should try finishing the game. Once it is done the card value is calculated to decide the winner. As the game is compatible on all devices you can enjoy ป๊อกเด้ง ออนไลน์ เงินจริง มือถือ. What’s more just login to the dragonclub99 site and download application into your mobile or try online gambling and enjoy the real play!

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