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Friday 21 June 2024
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A lot of people still play this version today. Various online casinos, such as GCLUB CASINO, offer different Baccarat variations. It is also widespread across land-based casinos in European countries. Bystanders can place bets if the bets of the players do not cover the bank bet. This game uses three decks of cards instead of the usual six or eight which Chemin de Fer and Punto Banco use.

Table layout

The layout for this game depends on the country. In Monaco, they have a table designed with a special configuration. Two conjoined tables can accommodate 10 to 16 players. The dealer sits in the middle to divide the table into two sides.

The banker

Players take turns to be the bank in this version of Baccarat but they do not play against each other. The player acting as the banker for the round does not cover the bets of other players. The player who made the most wager remains the banker. The banker changes when the player finishes his or her bankroll or is unable to place any more bets. The next banker is the player with the highest stake. The banker sits opposite the dealer.

The gameplay

  • The croupier shuffles the cards at the start of each round.
  • Players to the left and right of the dealer also shuffles the cards.
  • The banker is the last one to shuffle the cards.
  • The banker selects a player to cut the cards using a cut card.
  • The croupier gives the players to the right and the left one card each. The banker also receives one card.
  • Players put their wagers on either Player or Banker hands. The banker can only bet on the banker’s cards and other players can only bet on player hands. They have to place their bet at the center of the table if they want to bet on both player hands.
  • The croupier gives them one more card, starting with the player to the right, then the right, and then the banker.
  • The croupier will turn the cards face up if any of the hands has a natural eight or nine. Nine will always win over eight.
  • If there is no eight or a nine, the player and the banker can opt to have an extra card.
  • The two players choose to hit or stand. The banker then decides based on the cards of the players.
  • The croupier compares the hands of each player to the banker’s hands.
  • If the winning hand is the banker hand, the player stays as the banker while he or she wins. If the banker loses, the next person becomes the banker.

It would be best if you draw a third card if your hand has a value of zero up to four and not when it is six or seven.

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